Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Cool Contest That Every OT/OTA Should Enter!

One of my all-time favorite websites is - ohmygawd! the ideas on this site!  It full of all kinds of instructables with pictures/videos and step-by-step text on items or processes related to crafts, technology (low and high), green living, health and wellness, cooking, upcycling (making something better out of a castoff of some kind), play, decor, steampunk (modern inventions with a vintage look and style) plus so many other areas.  Some of the instructables are definitely 'out there' (a gravy boat fountain or a full-sized boat made entirely of duct tape - seriously!), some are familiar ideas but with a new twist or tips (best chocolate chip cookie recipes or cake pops) along with many other really innovative ideas.  The brilliance of some of the instructables is truly amazing!

One of the reasons I'm blogging about Instructables here is because there's a great contests (this site as several contests going on all the time) that I think every occupational therapist should check out.  Humana Health Care and Instructables have teamed up to offer great prizes for new instructables related to:
I know occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants AND occupational therapy students have tons of ideas for all three categories and I'll be submitting some ideas myself but if I don't win, I'd love to see another OT or OTA or student win!  (If an OT/OTA or student wins, I'll definitely post it in this blog!) The prizes for each category include a $5000 voucher for adventure travel, $500 gift certificate for spa visit or REI or a box of fruit (yum!).  :)

Go check Instructables out and have a great time looking at all the instructables (but don't blame me if you emerge hours from now with blurred vision and so many ideas running through your head that you can't hardly think straight!)  ;) 

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  1. Love your site... Cutting edge, informative, and interesting; I am a follower :) Sheila