Friday, November 26, 2010

What’s In Your Bag of Tricks: Bilibos!

I was perusing the web for Black Friday specials today and of course, I had to scope out cool new toys and I found out about Bilibos! This is the coolest toy for everyday play for any child but I see so MANY therapeutic and sensory possibilities!!!!  What’s more they are so portable and lightweight - check out this YouTube video (click here). There are the regular-sized Bilibos for 3 to 8 year olds and then the Mini Bilibos for little ones 9 months to 3 years old.  (I wish they had an adult-sized one for folks like me!) ;)  The price is certainly within reason for many families but as a therapist for early intervention or in the schools, I'd have 3-4 in my car! (They stack so nicely and don’t take up much space.)  Hmm, so what would I do with them?
  • Encourage trunk flexion and stability simply by having the child sit upright in the Bilibos 
  • Encourage trunk flexion and stability by having the child play with a zoomball with a partner 
  • Have the child toss bean bags* or other toys into a waiting bucket or to specific targets such as a red circle on an old Twister mat 
  • Spin the child in the Bilibos (but remember that spinning of any kind is contraindicated for seizure disorders, some brain injuries, and hyperactivity).  Be sure the child experiences spinning in both directions (i.e.: 10x’s clockwise and then 10x’s counterclockwise). 
  • Have the child reach for toys/objects in all directions and bring him/herself back upright to put the toy in his/her lap 
  • Have the child ‘scoot’ while in the Bilibos to reach for toys/objects in all directions and put them in a bucket 
  • Have the child ‘roll’ in the Bilibos to pick up various toys/objects and bring them to the bucket 
  • String a jump rope through the holes in the back of the Bilibos and have the child pull it around (or through an obstacle course) loaded with heavy objects in the seat without spilling the contents 
  • If there’s snow outside, have the child slide around in it or down a small hill
*Special Note: Cheap easy no-sew bean bags you can make – simply pick up child-sized tube socks or regular socks at a dollar store or used clothing stores like Goodwill and fill 2/3’s full with rice, popcorn kernels, pinto beans, sand, etc. and then tie the top of the sock in a knot.  When needed, just empty the socks and wash/dry them and fill them up again.  :)
What would you do with them?  Do let us all know – post a comment to this post!  :)

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