Monday, December 10, 2012

HowToDoIt Therapy is now in the AppStore! Register for the iPad Mini Giveaway!

HowToDoIt Therapy is now in the AppStore!  Register for the iPad Mini Giveaway!
Download the HowToDoIt Therapy App here

It's been a long time coming and there was a bit of drama but I'm so happy to tell y'all that my HowToDoIt Therapy App is finally in the AppStore!  If you received my prior email about HowToDoIt, you'll note that this app is a bit different than originally conceptualized.  In truth the original concept was 8 apps in one...which was hard to program effectively (that was part of the drama bit) so I have created the first of what I hope will be several HowToDoIt apps: HowToDoIt Therapy.  :)

  • Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, trainers, coaches, teachers and so many other professionals can quickly and easily create personalized therapeutic exercise programs for your clients or students.  
  • Simply take pictures of your client completing the steps of an exercise program, type in the instructions (including repetitions, frequency, and duration) and then print, email or upload the tutorial to a website, for your client to access.  
  • Here's a quick tutorial on how HowToDoIt Therapy app works.  
  • And here's the first tutorial made with HowToDoIt Therapy created for a child on my caseload: Mary's Oral Motor Exercises
  • By the way, the first 2 exercise program tutorials you create are free...for more tutorials, simply buy 2 for 99 cents or 10 for $3.99 (you get 2 tutorials free).  
Simply tap or click on the HowToDoIt Therapy logo above or any picture in this email and download HowToDoIt Therapy - it works for both iPhones and iPads.  (If you do a search on iTunes Appstore - just enter HowToDoIt and you'll see the logo pop up.)
Now about the iPad Mini Giveaway! 
One of the ways you have 'arrived' in the AppStore is to get over 3000 downloads of your app in one to that end, I want you to download HowToDoIt Therapy app to your iPhone or iPad by DECEMBER 15th AND tell all your friends to do that too!  Here's how to enter the contest:
Open the app and you'll be prompted to create an account (don't worry, I can't access any of your info there so it's a secure account that won't be used for any nefarious scams or email spams).
Then tap on the settings button (lower left corner).
Then tap on the Help - Send Us an Email button.  

Send an email that says "I want to win!"

That's are entered in the drawing for a free iPad Mini!

The drawing will be on December 16, 2012.  The winner will be notified by email and announced on Facebook.  :)
Want another chance to win?  
Use the app and then Rate it!

Go to settings, then tap on Rate Us! and tell us honestly wnat you think of HowToDoIt Therapy.

Sign it with the first part of your email address that used for the "Help - Send Us an Email" entry.  If I sent an email from my email address, I'd just sign my rating with delana. 

That's it and hopefully you will win!  :)
Remember, the way to get noticed in the AppStore is to get over 3000 downloads of the app in one week.  I want to be the first Occupational Therapist who gets 'noticed' in the AppStore so please forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to send it to their friends and family too.  :)

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you love HowToDoIt Therapy as much as I do!  :)
DeLana Honaker, OTR, PhD
Copyright © 2012, All rights reserved.

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