Friday, March 28, 2014

Download My New DeLana App!

It's such an exciting time with technology - smart phones/devices and their apps are keeping us all in touch in ways we never even thought of even 2-3 years ago.  Almost everyone is using apps and apps take many forms - games, stores, utilities and productivity to name just a few types and now some folks (like me) are creating personal apps so that folks have ready access to my apps, most popular blog posts, workshops, webinars and research.

Much of my work as a therapist, researcher, educator and app developer has focused on issues related to children of all abilities. I have authored multiple articles and two books (see About DeLana for a synopsis of my education, scholarship and honors).  I’m currently working on a new pediatric assessment app called 
KidLife® and we are about to norm this test via an app called KidNorms (if you are interested in collecting data for us - and entering to win an iPad Mini - be sure and visit the MyApps tab on the DeLana App and stay tuned to this blog).  

Now more about the DeLana app - it's available for Apple and Android devices and has information on the following:

App development has been a wonderful venue to further my skills and knowledge and it's one of the most challenging (in a good way!) aspects of one of my occupational roles these days.  You'll find all my latest apps in the MyApps tab.

My most popular blog posts over the years - find out about the evidence on weighted vests, sensory-based assessments and what occupational therapists do!  Comment on them, print them, or share them with others!  :)

Check out my upcoming workshops and webinars in the My Workshops and My Webinars tabs - I hope to see you at one of them soon!  If you would like me to give a workshop for your organization, please email me for availability and a list of my abstracts/learning objectives.

I'll have some my workshop handouts available in this tab - feel free to print and share them!  :)

I'm new at Twitter but be sure and follow me on Twitter (@delanaot) or Facebook/delanaot to stay tuned on news about MyApps, Workshops & Webinars.

Any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere…I would be different.  Unthinkably good things can happen even late in the game.  It’s such a surprise.  :) (Under the Tuscan Sun)
(c) 2014 DeLana Honaker PhD, OTR, FAOTA

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